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My mission is to help organizations who are solving the greatest problems of our generation spread their message further, giving them agency and resolve. Whether that is through film, strategy, design or something outlandish depends on the client’s individual situation. I am honored to have worked for some of Saskatchewan’s leading environmental ngo’s, government organizations, tourism destinations and local businesses working towards a better future. 

I am also honored to operate on Treaty Six Territory and the Traditional Home of the Métis. I acknowledge my privilege as a Non-Indigenous Man and conduct my business and personal life within the framework of The Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s 94 calls to action.  I encourage all my fellow Canadians read the Calls to Action here.

I acknowledge my privilege as a White Man and will continue to educate myself and advocate for equality for Women, and the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities. Sustainable long-term prosperity is only possible through equal inclusion regardless of sex, gender or skin colour.

We face many challenges and unknowns in the coming years.  I believe that the only way we move forward is as stewards of the land, life, and each other. We borrow the future from our sons and daughters.  I intend to dedicate my life to ensuring my children and their children have a future where they can build a sustainable and fulfilling life for themselves.

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